Todd Smith The St. Pete Winesmith Pt. 1

Cool interview by Gio Cerro. Check out his blog if you like passionate people.

Not A Money Mission

Have you ever met someone on multiple occasions and thought to yourself what a cool dog that guy has. fiona

Well I did and probably most of you did too. What I didn’t know is that the very same person who owns this pretty pooch, also owns St. Pete Wine Smith. Good ole Mr. Todd Smith. Todd is super down to earth, knowledgeable, and all around cool guy. He is very passionate about the wines he sells. A bang for your buck type of guy. Saying to you, buy the 60$ bottle if you want it, but he is sure he can give you a 25$ bottle that will “blow you away”. So, thank you very much Todd for the interview it was a truly a pleasure to meet someone so passionate about their craft!

In one word describe yourself.

Chuckles… one word. Hey you started with a hard one.


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