Todd Smith St. Pete Winesmith Pt.3

Part 3 of my interview by Gio Cerro includes how and why I got into the wine business.

Not A Money Mission

If there is one thing about wine that you want to tell people.

Drink what you like, that’s it.

What was your job before the winesmith.

I had a lot of jobs. Right before this I worked at The Ale & The Witch for two and a half years in between wine gigs. It was nice enough of a job pouring beer. I made a lot of money there, place is crazy it’s like a circus there. Before that I was the wine buyer in American Spirits downtown for six for six years and that’s what really kind of gave me this idea.

This was going to be just a wine bar initially and I changed it at the last minute, because I have such a retail background. I wanted to do that as well. When it first opened it was just retail I didn’t have my by the glass…

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